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Welcome to our little piece of heaven just a stone’s throw from city life!

Our mountain private road is about 15 minutes from Denver, Colorado, in an enclave that is wooded, and fairly wild.  Wildlife abounds, including the occasional bear, mountain lion, elk, bobcat; deer, fox, black squirrels, and rabbits are common. 

The Sampson Road Association (SRA) was established as a result of a court order.  The court order required the residents of Sampson Road to establish bylaws to share the responsibility and cost of maintaining the road and snowplowing the road during the winter.  The gate keeps traffic limited to residents and other authorized vehicles, maintaining privacy and minimizing wear and tear on the road.  Because the mailboxes are on the road, SRA also maintains them as well as the package box next to the mailboxes.  As a courtesy to residents, it also provides trash service to those who want to participate in the cost of the dumpster. 

 It is easiest way to navigate this site is from:  General Site Map located on the bottom of each page.

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